Justin Molloy led the production of over 50 experiential design thought leadership conferences for SEGD. Justin was responsible for developing and managing all aspects of the conference experience including content curation, speaker recruitment, experiential tours, design integration, brand messaging, event moderation and audience engagement.


segd wayfinding & placemaking: philadelphia
segd conference: experience austin
segd academic summit: austin
segd business & leadership: chicago
segd branded environments: las vegas


segd xlab: the future of storytelling for place: brooklyn
segd exhibition & experience design: washington dc
segd wayfinding & placemaking: los angeles
segd conference: experience minneapolis
segd management for designers: chicago
segd branded environments: las vegas


segd xlab: experiences in the era of disruption: new york
segd wayfinding: boston
segd xplorer: chicago
segd conference: experience miami
segd academic summit: miami
segd business of design: portland
segd branded environments: las vegas


segd xlab: the intersection of physical & digital: new york
segd exhibition & experience design: washington dc
segd xplorer: los angeles
segd conference: experience seattle
segd academic summit: seattle
segd wayfinding: miami
segd designx: las vegas


segd xlab: transforming: new york
segd branded environments: los angeles
segd xplorer: seattle
segd xplorer: philadelphia
segd conference: experience chicago
segd academic summit: chicago
segd wayfinding: san francisco
segd cx: las vegas
segd business of design: denver


segd xlab: insights, content, platform, make: new york
segd airport & transportation: dallas
segd exhibition & experience design: washington dc
segd conference: convergence atlanta
segd academic summit: atlanta
segd well: cincinnati
segd design+: orlando


segd xlab: experiences in public space: queens
segd airport & transportation: phoenix
segd conference: above the fog: san francisco
segd academic summit: san francisco
segd accessibility: atlanta
segd branded environments: chicago


segd xlab: tech in context: austin
segd exhibition & experience design: raleigh
segd airport & transportation: vancouver